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Talent-oriented, conscientious medical care, pursuit of excellenceDream Plastic Surgery:Our Core Values, Our Promise to Customers, Our Beliefs that shall not be Broken



Dream Plastic Surgery aims
to be the hospital with abundant experience and specialists at the top of their fields. In plastic surgery, it is the utmost important to have true specialists in each field.

At Dream Plastic Surgery,
you will not experience “factory-style, assembly-line” plastic surgery. We view it a grave injustice that the “big brand” plastic surgery outfits allow inexperience specialists to perform procedures as part of their mass production efforts.

Dream Plastic Surgery thinks of itself as more of an “Artisan Group” of Plastic Surgeons.
It is a place where medical specialists from each sector come together, train together, and maintain our skills.

Conscientious Medical Care

Dream Plastic Surgery is a hospital where only medical specialists with professional consciences perform only the medical care necessary, in the most correct way.

Everything we do is done with the patient’s health and long-term wellbeing in mind. We never recommend unnecessary surgical operations.

We use only use high-quality materials.

We make every effort to maintain safety our first priority.

Only highly skilled and qualified medical specialists perform surgical operations.

Pursuit of Excellence

Dream Plastic Surgery strives to be: The hospital that sets a good example for the medical industry in all aspects, from medical care quality to convenience, from service to safety.

The hospital that goes one step further than others.
Never a hospital that follows.

The hospital that has the leadership to suggest new directions for an age in need of standards.

We help more people realize their dreams through beauty


Dream Plastic Surgery is a hospital where you dream about the future and where you realize that dream.

Dream Plastic Surgery aims to bethe first permanent plastic surgery hospital

  1. 1. The hospital where the spirit of the foundation and the brand will remain even after its founders retire.
  2. 2. The hospital big enough to train interns and residents in plastic surgery.
  3. 3. The hospital that represents the best of Korea in all aspects: in medicine, research, and education, where nothing lacks world-class level