The Facial Contouring Specialist who has Studied Face Contour for the Last 20 Years

Kim Young Joon, Head of Dream Facial Contouring Center

Dr. Kim Young Joon, head of Dream Facial Contouring Center, has accumulated his own know-how in Facial Contouring through 20 years of clinical experience and has outstanding surgery skills, which makes him have a very good reputation among patients. He is also famous for being a plastic surgery specialist performing surgeries scientifically and precisely. – he is an M. D. (Seoul National University, Korea) and visiting professor of plastic surgery at Seoul National University College of Medicine. He has released a large number of research papers on Facial Contouring.

Head, Kim Young Joon

Superb clinical
considering patients’
hearts as well as
bone structures

Head, Kim Young Joon

Brief Personal History

  • Graduated from SNU Medical College
  • Graduate School MD from Seoul National University
  • Medical Specialist in Plastic Surgery Dept. SNU Medical College
  • Visiting Professor in Plastic Surgery Dept., SNU Medicine College

Academic Activities

  • A Regular Member of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (KSPRS)
  • A Regular Member of the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (KSAPS)
  • A Regular Member of Korean Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (KCPCA)

Combination of Scientific Theories and Clinical Experience

The Operation of Dream Facial Contouring Laboratory

Dream Facial Contouring Center runs a laboratory inside the center to create a beautiful face contour that best fits each individual. The laboratory with specialists in Surgery, correction, care performs in-depth and scientific research on face contour based on clinical experience. As we are desperate to satisfy each customer, the “Dream Team”s research continues.

An Aesthetics of Face Contour Dream Found

The Method of Analyzing Two Circles on a Face

Dream Facial Contouring Center has developed a method of analyzing ‘Two Circle’ containing a secret of the beauty of face contour. ‘Two Circle’ is a scientific ratio between the two circles (inner circle, outer circle) on a face. A 3-D cute beautiful face can be more likely to be created through Dream’s own method of analyzing ‘Two Circle’.

The Method of Analyzing Two Circles on a Face

Results of Consistent Study on Beautiful Face Shape

Lovely Face Line, the Creation of Berry-line

Dream Facial Contouring Center and Dream Facial Contouring Laboratory have created berry-line, which will be a popular beautiful face shape in next generation, through in-depth research on beautiful face contour. Berry-line is an ideal chin line created based on the idea that the shape of a strawberry is considered as a representative beautiful face shape in the Western world. A lovely chin line with the beauty of curve can make you have a 3-D beauty look and look young.

Lovely Face Line, the Creation of Berry-line

Patient’s Safety is our Top Priority

Dream Facial Contouring Center’s Safety Management System

Dream Facial Contouring Center’s Safety Management System
  • A clean sterilizing system for protecting air inside operating rooms and patient rooms from being contaminated
  • An Expert system in anesthesia operated by anesthetists and nurse anesthetists
  • State-of-the-art emergency medical equipment for safety including defibrillators, etc.
  • High tech devices adopted for precise and safe surgeries
  • Dream Plastic Surgery’s efforts for safety including prohibiting the reuse of gowns, gloves, etc.

No Side Effects, Fast Recovery

Management of Post-surgery Care System

Management of Post-surgery Care System

Dream Facial Contouring Center runs a post-surgery care system to minimize post-surgery pain and side effects and shorten recovery period. A Surgical site pain is reduced through PCA (Patient Controlled Anesthesia), the skin is effectively reproduced through an erchonia laser, and bruise or swelling is rapidly removed through ultrasonic waves and high frequency.