Arm Liposuction

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Arm Liposuction

As for the fat accumulation in an arm, it often occurs in the area between the elbow and armpit with the elbow bent 90 degrees. This symptom cannot be corrected even by exercise or diet in many cases. Therefore, in many cases those who want to receive an arm liposuction have failed to lose fat in the arm (fat lost in other areas) through a diet before.

Many of those, especially females, who have an arm with much fat do not have confidence in wearing sleeveless clothes during summer, and consider receiving an arm liposuction (for improving a style of dressing) combined with a surgery correcting the line running from shoulder to armpit. The excessive fat accumulation in arm often occurs during the process of losing weight again after having gained weight suddenly and we often see parents and their children with their thick arms (noticeably thicker than other areas) due to a strong heredity effect.

The fat in the entire arm cannot be sucked out in order during a liposuction for correcting the fat accumulation in arm as the front part of the arm has main blood vessels and nerves, which is an anatomical characteristic of arm. Therefore, the back part of the arm where the fat accumulation mainly occurs is the main liposuction area. The arm can be changed into a thinner arm with an attractive line through a liposuction of the back part of the arm.

Many misunderstand that arm liposuction among liposuctions is less effective. But the reality is different. Although arm is a small area surrounded by the relatively thin skin compared to thighs or abdomen with much fat that can be sucked out, arm is an area where the patient can be sufficiently satisfied through the principle of liposuction, the process of the removal of the fat tissue, the complete restoration of the skin, and the correction of the line on the area where fat has been sucked out. For a more dramatic effect, an arm liposuction can also be performed with liposuctions of the armpit and breasts simultaneously.