Facial Liposuction

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Facial Liposuction

As a person becomes older, fat is often accumulated in the lower face and neck in connection with the chin line. This symptom (so-called a turkey neck) can characteristically occur due to a hereditary cause. These areas above can be corrected through liposuction.

The excessive fat accumulation in the lower face makes the skin look protruding and droop due to gravity, resulting in a pouch-shaped area among the lower face, chin, and neckline. A liposuction is normally enough although a face lift (straightening facial wrinkles) may be needed as well if severe.

As for a facial liposuction, the face line can be corrected through the process of the removal of the surplus fat in the lower face, chin line, and neck and the reattachment of the skin in the empty space where fat has been removed. In some cases liposuction patients who needed a wrinkle reduction delay or do not need the wrinkle reduction any more thanks to a facial liposuction effective for alleviating facial wrinkles.

A facial liposuction takes a short time and you can completely recover from the surgery in a short period of time (normally a week or so), so that you receive the surgery on Friday afternoon and can go to work and work on Monday. Like liposuctions of other areas, wearing an assistant device named chin-neck (for face, chin, neck line) whenever going to bed after the surgery helps your skin to be attached well. If the accumulation of the fat tissue looks more severe due to the undergrowth of the jawbone itself like a short chin as well as the fat accumulation, the chin line can be corrected more properly through the insertion of an implant into the lower jaw as well as a liposuction. Facial liposuction is a more aggressive surgery like the explanation above creating more youthful appearance and a face with a balance and harmony by correcting the face contour as well as correcting the face, chin, and neck line simply through a liposuction.