Calf Reduction

Surgery Information

Calf reduction is a surgery reducing the calf muscle volume and creating a smooth calf line by blocking the branches of the motive nerves (controlling part of calf muscles). The surgery is performed under sedation anesthesia. Two holes with a diameter of around 1 mm are made on the calf with a needle and the motive nerves controlling soleus muscle are found with a nerve stimulator to be blocked. As muscle atrophy caused by this surgery lasts for up to around 6-9 months, it is necessary to relaxedly wait until the symptom completely disappears after surgery.

Non-Incisional Calf Reduction

Picture of medical device

Dream Plastic Surgery has adopted non-incision selective nerve block, a new calf reduction reducing calf biceps and volume, to change your calf into a calf with a definite and attractive line in a short period of time. This surgery method grasps the pathway of the motive nerves (controlling soleus calf muscle) with high-tech equipment for blocking nerves based on electrophysiological principles. Only gastrocnemius muscles can be blocked selectively minimizing the damage of other tissues through this surgery method. The procedure can be performed through a hole (made with a needle) with a diameter of 1 mm, which means no scars are left.

Before surgery, After surgery
Before surgery, After surgery