Surgery Information

When people are young, their skin contracts rapidly and they can maintain a perfect body line even if they gain and lose a lot of weight. But as they age, their skin loses some of its elasticity, so that their skin can often look wrinkled if they lose lots of weight suddenly. Therefore, those who are about 40 need to closely consult with a doctor before deciding on which surgery would be better (liposuction or abdominoplasty) for abdominal obesity. Abdominoplasty is a surgery inciding stretched skin, drawing abdominal muscles, and correcting the shape of the buried navel.

Real age and each individual's skin elasticity should be considered to decide on how to treat abdominal obesity. Those who are old or have the less elastic skin of the abdominal region are advised to receive an abdominoplasty, rather than a liposuction. There are two options (full and mini) in abdominoplasty depending on how much to incide the skin. As for full abdominoplasty, abdominal muscles are drawn being observed with the naked eye. But as for mini abdominoplasty, they are drawn being observed with an endoscope. If an abdominoplasty is combined with a liposuction, the results can be better.

Full Abdominoplasty

If a full abdominoplasty has been selected, then it is necessary to decide on a method of abdominoplasty through a diagnosis. The volume of the drooping skin is the most important thing. If the skin severely droops and it is large in volume, a full abdominoplasty is performed. If a person has a long vertical scar caused by a child birth in the past, a full abdominoplasty is applied as well. As for a full abdominoplasty, even the shape of a navel can be corrected under general anesthesia. The large volume of skin is incided and the entire abdominal muscles are tightened through this plastic surgery.

The effect is supposed to be dramatic and lasts longer than other plastic surgeries. However, the surgery has disadvantages.: a rather long surgery time (3-4 hours) and a little long recovery period (around a week needed for normal activities).

Mini Abdominoplasty

If the drooping skin is not very large in volume or the skin of the upper abdomen is relatively elastic, mini abdominoplasty is selected. This surgery can be applied to the patients receiving a liposuction as well. The surgery can also be selected alternatively for the patient to go back to normal activities faster because of his/her circumstances, etc. regardless of the state of the drooping skin.

As mini abdominoplasty only incides the skin below the navel slightly, it only draws abdominal muscles below the navel as well. This surgery is performed under sedation or general anesthesia and takes a relatively short time (2 hours or so). You can go back to normal activities faster than other plastic surgeries. However, although the effect is rather limited compared to full abdominoplasty, the surgery is more convenient and has a positive effect if a target patient suitable for this surgery is selected well and the surgery is performed.

Especially, a female's abdominal muscles can easily become weak due to a pregnancy and child birth and if the situation is repeated, the anatomical structure of the abdominal muscles is destroyed. If it occurs, the muscles bulge outward not sufficiently supporting the contents of the abdomen, resulting in the protruding abdomen. In this case, if the weakened abdominal muscles are sufficiently tightened again through a plastic surgery, the symptom above does not occur again showing off a smooth abdomen line.

As for mini abdominoplasty, a surgeon inserts an endoscope into a small excision line. The endoscope helps the surgeon to tighten the abdominal muscles. As this plastic surgery does not need a large skin incision, an endoscope (instead of the naked eye) is crucial in the surgery. An endoscope helps the medical specialist to look inside the body well and precisely tighten the muscles.

Types of Implants

Abdominoplasty leaves a relatively long scar, which is made invisible when wearing underwear.

  • Abdominoplasty is for creating a good-looking body line when wearing underwear or a swimsuit. Therefore, a surgery scar is made invisible and the most beautiful body line (when wearing a swimsuit) is created.

Inconvenience in daily life right after surgery can be caused.

  • Even if a person has received a mini abdominoplasty, the person can have considerable difficulties in moving and having a meal after surgery as the surgery incided part of the skin and tightened the abdominal muscles. But the difficulties are temporary before having an attractive body line. After enduring with positive thinking, you can go back to pleasant daily life soon.

Enough rest (for around a week) is needed right after surgery.

  • As part of the skin has been incided, the muscles have been tightened, and the surgical incision has been sutured, heavy activities can affect the flow of blood to the sutured skin, resulting in the delayed recovery of the skin. Therefore, you are advised to refrain from doing even light housework as well as taking an exercise for one week right after surgery.