Square Chin Correction by Botox

Surgery information

Today, it is said that a woman who has an oval or round egg-shaped face is beautiful. Anyone who has an excessive broad region under the chin which accounts for one third of the face is a long way from the beautiful face. We call it the square chin. There are some reasons; in case a jawbone (the lower jawbone) is too big or has a gap, in case the masseter muscle develops, and in case there is much fat in that area. If the jawbone develops causing a chin to angulate and to get a gap, sculpting the jawbone is effective. But, if the jaw muscles develop, we reduce the muscles and correct the square chin. Actually, when we look someone in the face and if their chin stands out conspicuously like a square chin, this is because of the muscles in most cases.


In order to perform self-diagnosis of a square chin, you can draw your palm to the molar beneath the ear, and clench your jaw. When you clench you jaw, you can touch firm muscles and feel prominent muscles with your palm. This is the masseter muscle. Looking at the front, if this muscle stands out, it says that the masseter muscle develops excessively. Some square chins can be corrected only with Botox. If the muscles develop together in spite of the development of the jawbone a lot, you can expect a good result with only Botox. Since most people who have a square chin in Korea have well developed muscles and the jawbone, they get results from correcting a square chin using Botox only without sculpting the bone. Only, if you have high cheekbones or your cheeks are sunken, you should be given an additional surgery such as the way of reducing your cheekbones or filling in your hollowed cheeks.

Benefits of square chin correction by Botox

Maintaining thin face with 2-3 times injections

  • Botox is not a magic medicine which helps maintain thin face all your life with just one shot. However, 2-3 times injections have effect on contracting the masseter muscle, which means you can expect a long term effect. The more we use the muscles, the more the muscles develop naturally, while we do not use them for a long period of time, they degrade and atrophy. The square chin correction by Botox is used by this method. Unless you strengthen the jaw muscles by chewing hard food, squids and gum frequently, the odds of recurrence drops by tightening the masseter muscle. The result will last longer up to 1~2 years after 2~3 sessions of Botox treatment.

Eating after the treatment

  • You will feel the strongest effect at the beginning for a week after Botox injections. At first, when you clench your jaw, you cannot feel the protruding muscles regardless the strength. This means that Botox has taken effect. For 3-4 weeks, the jaw muscles are tightening gradually. You may feel a little discomfort when eating hard food at first, however, you will soon be accustomed to it. The reason why you cannot feel comfortable when you eat in spite of the paralysis of the masseter muscle is that there are many kinds of masseter muscles.
  • Botox contracts only one of them. Therefore even though it is removed fully, you can still chew food. Consequently, you do not worry about any discomfort during a meal after the treatment.