Calf Muscle Correction

Surgery information

Every woman wants to have a beautiful calf which is glamorous one third upper part, not thin like chopsticks. And it should have a line slimming toward the ankle naturally without any lumpy appearance. Too thick calves with fat or calves with knotted muscles, so-called calves with biceps are not beautiful. Until now, calves with a lot of fat have been resolved easily with liposuction. Recently, however, many people suffer from biceps created by the development of the muscles. This can be reduced with a nerve block or Botox treatment. When Botox is injected into the calf, the bulk of muscles reduced and a beautiful calf is created simply without side effects like scars. The effect lasts up to 6 ~ 12 months, so reoperation is required. However, like a square chin correction, if the muscles are contracted with Botox treatment for 1~2 years, you will have slim calf semi-permanently.

Benefits of calf muscle correction

Botox effects on a beautiful leg

  • Out of the people who want to have beautiful legs, anyone who has knotted muscles on their calves gets Botox injections. As mentioned above, as for the people who have a thick calf, there are people who have a lot of fat in their calf and people who develop their muscles. Some people who have well-developed calf muscles can be a candidate of Botox treatment. When they lift their heel and stand with their weight, the muscles inside of the calf appear protuberant. In this case, contracting biceps has an enough effect. Just, for people who have a thick calf due to a lot of fat, liposuction is appropriate.

Daily life after the treatment is possible

  • The calf consists of many muscles including the muscle producing biceps inside.
  • Botox paralyzes some part of the muscles among them.
  • Even if the muscle power disappears, you may not feel any discomfort in your daily life unless you are a track and field athlete or a ballerina who use calf muscles a lot.