Surgery information

Restylane is the first hyaluronic acid filler to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for cosmetic injection and the hyaluronic acid is similar to human skin. Restylane is commonly used for the improvement of the bridge of the nose, lip enhancement and filling facial hollows as well as diminishing wrinkles. It may also be used to make a beautiful and healthy face in different ways including revitalizing the skin by promoting cell reproduction. It only takes 10 minutes to treat and you will check your different image right after the treatment. Restylane has few side effects like bruising or numbness, which means that you can get back to your daily life right after surgery. So this is suitable for busy modern people.

Benefits of Restylane

Maximizing wrinkle removal effects using Restylane and Botox together

  • Although you may not be that old but if you frown or make various looks, facial expression muscles cause wrinkles on your face. After 25 years old, repeated expression lines and the skin aging itself cause to weaken skin elasticity. On this account, epulosis occuring on the dermis and the deep wrinkles are formed making dermal sinus without any facial expression. If the deep facial wrinkles line appear on your face to some extent, Botox can paralyze the facial expression muscle causing the wrinkles to become less obvious, but it is not a complete solution. In this case, if Restylane is injected deep into the wrinkles, it smoothes away the lines by filling troughs.

Long-lasting effects of Restylane

  • Duration depends on factors like the individual's skin type, lifestyle and age, and surgery methods. A treatment of the lips which move a lot last for a short period of time, while the result lasts around 12~24 months, in general.

Surgery method

Surgery to remove wrinkles using Restylane

  • In order to correct a hollow region like pimple scars or deeply furrowed face, filling facial hollows with a supplement can make the skin resilient.
  • Recently, Restylane is most commonly used as a supplement. Restylane consists of natural plant extracts and it is a gel of hyaluronic acid which is one of saccharides distributed in our body with a certain amount. So, as Restylane does not require any allergy test prior to injection, making a safe and satisfied result is the strongest point. A supplement with hyaluronic acid consists of three different things according to the size of its particle. The smallest one is Restylane vital, moderate size is Restylane and the biggest one is Restylane SubQ. Depending on each indication (diseases and symptoms for which medicine is efficacious) use, the best effect can be created.

Correction of the bridge of the nose using Restylane

  • If you hesitate to choose nose surgery due to the fear of anesthesia and duration, Restylane is suitable for you. In case you have a flat nose or hooked nose with a tough look, you can be given a completely beautiful nose with Restylane.

Short chin correction using Restylane

  • In the past, If someone had pretty features, they were considered as a beauty. Now, we consider facial line with an overall harmony and balance, just as each shape. The chin finalizes a facial form. As the whole facial image can be different depending on its shape, it is a very important region. Only if the tip of the jaw is corrected, a refined image is created and a pretty jaw line appears.