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01. Pre-Surgery consultation and reservation
02. Pre-Surgery examination
03. Surgery
04. Recovery
05. Post-Surgery care

Beautiful breasts being harmonious with the body shape

Head Jeong, Jae-Yeon

Beautiful Breasts are Appropriately Full and Elastic

When viewed from front, they must be conical and the lines connecting the center of the collarbone and the nipples must form a regular triangle. In addition, when viewed from side, the line from the neck down to the nipples must run naturally to be called beautiful breasts. However, what is most important is the breasts being harmonious with the body shape. For those breasts, a proficient technique and know-how a medical specialist in Breast Plastic Surgeries has are essential.

One-Stop System with a Medical Specialist in Breast Plastic Surgeries

One-Stop System with a Medical Specialist in Breast Plastic Surgeries

A Breast Plastic Surgeries medical specialist with rich experience provides tailored treatments from counseling, surgery to post-surgery care one to one.

University Hospital-class Surgery System

Dream Plastic Surgery’s facilities are second to domestic leading university hospitals. These upscale facilities help minimize complications during a Breast Plastic Surgeries and prevent capsular contracture fundamentally.

An Anesthesiologist Residing in Hospital

An Anesthesiologist Residing in Hospital

An anesthesiologist residing in Dream Plastic Surgery manages the procedure from pre-surgery care to post-surgery recovery one to one with utmost responsibility.

Pre-surgery Simulation

A surgical planning can be more accurate with precise body measurement, 3D simulation, CT and ultrasonic waves.

High-tech HD Endoscope

As precise derma-brasion is performed with an endoscope, tissue damage and bleeding can be minimized. A rapid, safe, less painful Breast Plastic Surgeries is possible with the equipment.

A Thorough Post-surgery Expert Management System

Our expert management team helps massage and scar management after a surgery systematically, leading to a faster recovery and higher satisfactory result.

The Use of Only 100% Authentic Implants Approved by American FDA and the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Dream Plastic Surgery only uses authentic implants made by American Allergan and Mentor and German Polytech. We keep for you an authenticity card for the implant after each surgery.

Advantages of Dream Breast Plastic Surgeries

Dream Breast Plastic Surgeries Center resolves your worries over your breasts.

No worries over Pain and Recovery!

Dream Plastic Surgery only needs minimum space for an implant, which means slight pain after a surgery and faster recovery. After the surgery, normal activities are possible within 1 day.

No Worries over Removal of Sutures!

Dream Plastic Surgery finishes suturing with medical adhesive. Within a day after surgery, taking a shower and normal activities are possible.

No Worries over Blood Bag, Compression Bandage!

As Dream Plastic Surgery performs bloodless surgeries, a blood bag and compression bandage is not used after a surgery.

No Worries over Capsular Contracture!

As Dream Plastic Surgery has excellent facilities for aseptic surgery and performs bloodless surgeries perfectly, capsular contracture is highly unlikely to occur after a surgery.

No Worries over Massage!

Dream Plastic Surgery uses a textured implant in most surgeries. It is possible to get natural feeling breasts without uncomfortable massages.

Dream Breast Plastic Surgeries with Anatomic Type Implant

Natural-looking Beautiful Breasts are Water drop-shaped, not Round.
Thin body type, nearly flat breasts, Droopy breasts, Short distance between nipples and bottom of breasts, Anatomic type implant, Position of Breasts is too high or low., Overgrown breast muscles, If surgery is reconstructive surgery., Average breast size, Round type implant, Appropriate height of breasts, Adequate distance between nipples and bottom of breasts, Not droopy breasts

Anatomic type implants are designed anatomically (similar to breasts shape) unlike the existing round type implants. Therefore, the surgery results are more perfect. Although water drop-shaped breasts can be created with the existing implant depending on the state of the breasts, anatomic type implant is more helpful to create beautiful breasts.

When using an anatomic type implant, the accurate numerical calculation according to the implant size and the accurate desquamation of breast capacity to insert the implant into the breasts are more important than anything else. If the breast capacity is inaccurate, the side effects (the position of the implant can be shifted or a dual capsule can be created.) can occur. Dream Plastic Surgery has adopted anatomic type implant (not widely used so far) faster than any other hospitals and already had rich surgery experiences.

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Preparation for surgery

  • A Breast Plastic Surgeries is performed under general anesthesia. Therefore, before your surgery you should not eat anything, including water, for 10 hours.
  • You should stop taking drugs such as aspirin type drugs or vitamin E, etc. before surgery.
  • You are advised to take a short bath and wash your hair the day before the surgery.
  • You should remove nail polish from fingernails and toenails.
  • You should not wear jewelry as it may interfere with the operation of the machine when checking for the state of the patient.
  • If you are receiving a Breast Plastic Surgeries, you must shave your underarm hair to prevent infection risks.
  • As smoking can disrupt wound healing by disturbing blood flow, you should not smoke from 2 weeks before the surgery.
  • You are advised to wear a little large sized pique shirt and loose pants or a long skirt.

Post-surgery care

  • Recovery rooms are available for patients after surgery.
  • You may drink water after 4 hours post-surgery.
  • Hospital stay in optional but you may leave the hospital on the surgery day.
  • During hospitalization, pain killers will be injected into your veins repeatedly.
  • No removal of sutures after surgery. You may take a shower immediately.
  • Driving after surgery can be dangerous. Therefore you are advised to use public transportation.
  • You are advised to refrain from lifting heavy objects or using too much arm strength for 3 weeks.
  • Do not smoke and drink for 3 weeks as they can distrupt wound healing and cause infection.
  • You should not do strenuous exercises or exercises causing you to perspire heavily for 3 weeks. But a gentle stroll after surgery is all right.