Breast Reoperation

Causes of Breast Reoperation

  • Touch sensation-related problems including capsular contracture and being able to notice that there is an implant inside the breasts by touching it.
  • Dissatisfaction about shape or size including asymmetry or double wrinkles, etc.
  • Other issues such as damage of the implant, etc.

Position of Implant

As augmentation mammoplasty is a surgery using a large implant, problems can arise as time goes by. Therefore, the most important thing is to perform the first surgery as safe and proper as possible so that no problem can arise. Like all plastic surgeries, breast reoperation becomes more difficult and the results can become unpredictable as the operation is repeated. Therefore, it is important that the results of a reoperation are as satisfactory as possible so that the operation is not repeated. For the most satisfactory first-time surgery results, it is essential to choose a medical Breast Plastic Surgeries specialist with vast experiences.

Dream Breast Plastic Surgeries Center of Dream Plastic Surgery's 15 years of history tells rich experiences about breast reoperation. Our medical teams are ready to do their best to correct any breasts and create beautiful breasts for you.

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