Laser Plastic Surgery

Surgery method

Face lift

  • Wrinkles are one of the most obvious signs of aging process. Especially, wrinkles on the forehead and lips as well as saggy eyebrows make individuals look much older. Such conditions can be improved by face lift. Incision is made to get rid of soft tissue with a laser so that saggy skin can be lifted. Laser treatment is helpful to prevent the pain and the swelling after surgery because it protects the surgical site against bruising by minimizing the bleeding.

Fat removal below the eyes

  • Some people have protruding fat below the eyes even though they are relatively young. This kind of fat can cause a dark circle below the eyes and make their impressions dark. It is usually corrected with lower blepharoplasty through the conjunctiva. The traditional incision was made using a cautery. Today, because incision is made using laser, the incision can be done more quickly with little pain and bleeding.

Upper and lower blepharoplasty

  • Droopiness in upper and lower eyelid skin can cause wrinkles around the eyes. To improve such wrinkles, the upper or lower blepharoplasty is considered. Incision with a laser can prevent the pain and the swelling. Less bleeding can block the bruising.

Mole removal

  • Moles are common pigmentation conditions created by nevus cells. The laser is mostly used to remove moles, and the result is that scar is almost invisible and this method is safe and simple without reoccurence.