Osmidrosis Aaxillae

Cause of osmidrosis

Armpit odor begins to appear from puberty and becomes more severe, especially in the summer or under a strain. Osmidrosis is more common in men than women and most cases have family history. It hinders personal relationships and makes people be daunted in today’s society where personal hygiene is important.

It comes from the apocrine gland around the armpit hairy root. The apocrine gland has bad odor caused by inhabited bacteria on skin. Or it may occur caused by excessive sweet glands. Anyway, the reason of osmidrosis is the development of apocrine gland for sure.

Surgical method for osmidrosis focuses on getting rid of the apocrine gland. Medications are used for it temporarily, while surgical method is usually used to remove the odor from the apocine gland.

Surgery method

In general, incision method is applied to treat osmidrosis. After incision on armpit for about 5, we remove the sweat glands and suture again. Complications such as hematoma and dermal necrosis are frequent and returning to a normal life late may cause discomfort. Dream Medical Group resolves discomfort with existing treatment through minimal incision method and ultrasound liposuction, laser treatment and ultrasound liposuction.

Minimal incision along with ultrasound liposuction

  • We melt the sweat glands with ultrasound device and pull them out with liposuction treatment. After that, minimal incision method is used to remove some attached sweet glands directly. This way lowers recurrence frequency and complications and has a merit of returning to a normal life 2~3 days after surgery. As it is possible to treat osmidrosis with just a one-off treatment, it is a convenient one.
  • Laser treatment along with ultrasound liposuction

    • Firstly, we remove deep sweat glands with ultrasound liposuction treatment. Secondly, laser is used to get rid of sweat glands on surface layer. This treatment has little scars and makes you return to a daily life quickly. This procedure should be made a few times separately and it is relatively expensive.

Post-operative care

  • Apply ice pack frequently for 2~3 days after surgery. This will help reduce the swelling and pain.
  • Using bandages for scar prevention for 3~4 weeks after stitch removal helps prevent from formation of surgical scar.
  • Individuals with hypertrophic and Keloid condition must use silicone sheet for 1~2 months to prevent recurrence of scarring.
  • Surgical area may appear red for 2~3 months and gradually disappears. We kindly suggest you to stay positive and patient through the recovery process.
  • You should apply UV sun block cream to the surgical area to prevent exposure to sun lights for about 6 months after surgery.
  • For the most effective results, operation may be divided into two sessions. Interval between each operation may take 3~4 months.