Non-incision Eyelid Ptosis Correction

Surgery Information

People who have small eyes are usually born with drooped eyes, or inability to open one’s eyes upon aging. The medical term for this phenomenon is known as "blepharoptosis”. Blepharoptosis occurs through the following: 30% genetics and 70% is acquired over time. In order to diagnose blepharoptosis, the strength of muscle (levator) when opening eyes is to be tested. Blepharoptosis, which means that eyelids cover the eyes, is recommended to be corrected as soon as possible because it not only interferes with daily life but also gives others a bad impression. Blepharoptosis over long periods may have a bad effect on eyesight.

Surgery suitability

  • Small eyes due to genetically drooped eyelids
  • Eyes that experience difficulty opening due to aging
  • Half- closed eyes due to the weakened eyelid muscle

The advantage of Non-incision Eyelid Ptosis Correction

  • There is no scarring because there is no incision.
  • As surgery time is very short, there is less swelling and faster recovery.
  • Natural lines of double eyelids are formed like the burial method.

Surgery method

Fix the special thread to the muscle for opening eyes inside the eyelids.
Adjust the size of eyes by strengthening the power of muscle for opening eyes.
After surgery