Enhanced Beauty, rather than ‘Oval Face’& ‘V-line’ The Ultimate of beauty of delicate curve ‘Berry-line’ & Mandibular Surgery

1.Surgery Time approx. one and a half hour, 2.Anesthesia Method general a nesthesia, 3.Hospital Treatment 1 day, 4.Removal of Sutures in 10 days, 5. Outpatient Treatment approx. 2~3 times, 6.Recovery Process normal activities in a week


The standard of face shapes has been changing with the times. It was the 'oval face' in the 1990s and the 'V-line' in the 2000s. Now, the ‘berry-line’ is expected to be the popular face shape of enhanced beauty in the future.
The term ‘berry-line originated from 'strawberry’. In the Western world, a beautiful face shape has been compared to the contour of strawberry. The existing 'oval face' is a traditional beauty. But a person with that face shape looked rather naive. A person with the 'V line' look modern, but cold. The lower jaw of the face with the 'berry line', an ideal mix of the two, creates a more sophisticated, younger, and lovely vibe compared to that of the other two faces.

Oval Face, V-Line
Berry- zone : It is the region called 'para-symphysis'anatomically. If drawing a straight line between the tip of the center of the nose and both corners of the mouth, the periphery of the intercross-section points between the two lines and jaw line is the zone.

Effect of Berry-line & Mandibular Surgery?

Lovely strawberry-like berry- zone. The line comes down softly and smoothly from below the ears, and it is pointed getting slightly narrow at nearly below the mouth. Finally, the line naturally ends at the tip of the jaw.
The berry line makes your face look smaller with the narrow chin. The line naturally highlights the front of the cheekbone and cheek flesh, consisting of the heart-shaped zone of the face, and your face can look three dimensional and younger. So with the line you can look younger and more sophisticated; your face much smaller & slimmer and you can have a 3-D beauty with a cuter face.

Looking young, Looking sophisticated, Small & slim face, 3D face

Berry-line & Mandibular Surgery?

Dream Plastic Surgery is trying an all-in-one surgery, dealing with bones, muscles, fat, and skin at a time, to present the berry line to the people with the inharmonious chin line. A very advanced technique is required to design the berry zone as there is a sensory nerve beneath the chin. Berry-line & Mandibular Surgery (for the 3D face, not flat) is performed by a surgeon with the high-tech equipment and an aesthetic sense obtained through skilled experiences for a long time.

Patients for Surgery

Patients for Surgery
  • For short square face with a wide chin
  • For face getting wider from the upper to lower part or with the same width
  • Face with the lower part making you look strong and inactive
  • When viewing the face from the side, the angle of the contour of the chin is nearly vertical.

Features of Surgery


  • An all-in-one surgery (a combined surgery) dealing with bones, muscles, fat, and skin performed at a time.

New technology

  • Various up-to-date surgery instruments (bone Scalpel, etc.) used to create the natural berry- zone (tricky area for surgery) with an amazing technique.

Well-balanced line

  • The harmonious face line of the overall area from the cheekbone to lower jaw created considering the overall ballance of the face.

Scientific study

  • The most appropriate berry line designed for each individual by an elaborate and scientific analysis of each face shape before the surgery.

Complex effect

  • Looking young and sophisticated, the small and slim face, a 3D beauty at a time.
Notices Before Berry-line & Mandibular Surgery
  • The result of a lower (under) jaw surgery is generally determined by the shape of the chin. The front view of the face is also determined by the berry-zone, rather than the angle of the chin.
  • It is unnecessary for all the patients in need of a lower jaw surgery to receive a cortical osteotomy. It is also unnecessary for all patients to receive a surgery for inciding the long curved chin. Some patients should receive one of them and some patients should receive both. An accurate decision on this matter is decided through taking counsel with a specialist at the diagnosis department. During the counsel, a 3D CT is used.

ALL-IN-ONE Surgery

Berry-line & mandibular surgery performed by Dream Plastic Surgery is an all-in-one surgery, treating bones, muscles, fat, and skin at a time, to create the berry lined face by treating mandible. For an all-in-one surgery, 4 parts need to be considered multilaterally. A bone surgery (incisions of the long curved chin, cortical osteotomy, and osteotomy for making the T-shaped chin) inciding the bone, avoiding a secondary angle, with the utmost consideration of each individual's chin shape, a muscle surgery inciding masticatory muscle attached to the bone after the surgery with high frequency, a fat surgery removing vesicle inside the cheek below the cheekbone, and a skin surgery inciding the left skin after the surgery and pressing it against the bone are operated at a time.


The methods of inciding the bone are mainly incisions of the long curved chin, cortical osteotomy, and osteotomy for making the T-shaped chin depending on the chin shape. We can reduce the width and length of the face clearly (when viewing your face from the front) using each method in combination depending on the chin shape.

Secondary Angle? This is another angle created when cutting the square chin into a right-angled triangle.
  • Incisions of the Long Curved Chin : A secondary angle is easy to be created in the existing square jaw surgery cutting the square chin. For prevention, it is important to incide the bone into a natural curve to the berry zone (a pit beside chin) at a time after accurately measuring.
  • Cortical Osteotomy : A surgery reducing the width of the face when viewing from the front by removing cortical among parts of mandibular bone.
  • Osteotomy for Making the T-shaped Chin : A surgery reducing the width of chin by inciding the lower jaw horizontally into 3 pieces, removing the middle of the 3 pieces, and centralizing the other pieces.
Incisions of the Long Curved Chin, Cortical Osteotomy

We naturally and smoothly trim the berry zone using the up-to-date surgery instruments. Surgery instruments below are useful in incisions of the long curved chin or cortical osteotomy requiring a technique for naturally inciding the curved part.

Bone scalpel
Bone scalpel

An instrument with which we can cut only a necessary part more delicately and accurately with little vibration from it, not damaging the blood vessel and nervous tissue on the periphery of osseous tissue, and we can avoid a loss of the bone without using a physical force.

Burr & Rasp

A useful instrument with which the bone can be delicately shaped, and then ground (large bone mass is cut, and then the remaining bone is trimmed off gradually).


If there is much masticatory muscle at mandibular angle, part of it is incided to make the face smaller.



If there is much fat inside the cheek below the cheekbone, vesicle is removed to make the face smaller.



An erchonia laser, an up-to-date instrument, is used to attach firmly the skin to the bone.