Shiny Cheeks Looking Softer & Younger Cheekbone Surgery Treating Zygomatic Bones

1.Surgery Time : within one hour 2.Anesthesia Method : general anesthesia 3.Hospital Treatment : 1 day 4.Removal of Sutures : after 7 days 5.Outpatient Treatment : approx. 2 times 6.Recovery Process : normal activities in a week

Cheekbone Surgery Treating Zygomatic Bones?

The cheek bones in the center of the face play an important role in determining the contour of the face and your image. The protruding cheek bones can make you look strong and stubborn. This surgery method is used to soften the contour of the face by correcting those cheekbones and make the face look small and slim by reducing the width of the face. This is Dream Facial Contouring Center's own excellent surgery technique for making you look by reducing the protruding cheekbones and raising the zygomatic bones. Your facial impression can be noticeably changed through this short-time cheekbone surgery (relatively simple among facial bone contouring surgeries). We can create the beautiful face contour without cheek drooping after the surgery (considering the state of soft tissues like muscles) minimizing tissue damage through dermabrasion (an accurate skin treatment).

Secret of Young Face, Zygomatic Bones!

Zygomatic bones are the highest area of the cheek when looking at the face from a 45 degree angle. The muscles surrounding the bones get weakened with aging, and the area gets naturally lowered. The face droops and looks old because of that.
We perform this surgery to make the face look young with the resilient skin by elevating the highest area, not to mention reducing the cheekbones.

Patients for Surgery

Patients for Surgery

  • Those with a flat, wide face (especially the center of the face).
  • Those with the protruding cheekbones when looking at the face from a 45 degree angle.
  • Those being told often that "You look strong" due to the cheekbones.
  • Those with the area below the cheekbones looking sunken and shaded due to the protruding cheekbones.
  • Those with an uneven face shape due to the protruding cheekbones when viewing from the front.
  • Those looking older than the real age because of the cheekbones.

The Effect of Surgery

Looking Soft, Looking Young, Smooth Face Contour, Shiny Cheek with its Resilient Skin
Notices Before Cheekbone Surgery Treating Zygomatic Bones
  • The most important part of this surgery is to raise the protruded cheekbones when pushing them inwards so that they do not droop.
  • A cheekbone reduction can be performed with Dream's own know-how such as minimizing desquamation, fixing muscles, etc. avoiding cheek drooping
  • Fixing the front and back parts firmly is the core of the cheekbone surgery treating zygomatic bones and prevents a recurrence.

High Cheekbones - Cheekbone Reduction to L-shape

When the cheekbones are protruded, those are to be cut into a L-shape after inciding mucous membrane inside the mouth. And then, those are pushed inwards, and fixed to the inside of the mouth. Finally, the position and size of those are delicately adjusted by grinding those.

Wide Cheekbones - Cheekbone Reduction to Z-shape

Mucous membrane inside the mouth and the sideburn areas are accessorily incided, and the front and back parts of the bonecheeks are each incided. And the incided bones are pushed inwards and fixed, and the contour is delicately adjusted by grinding the remaining part. Desquamation should be minimized and the bones should be fixed firmly to avoid cheek drooping.

The cheekbones are to be incided, and the incided bones are to be incided short. , The bones are to be pushed further inwards by rotating those.

Combined Cheekbones – Cheekbone Reduction to L-shape & Z-shape

Appropriate volume can be added to the cheeks and the contour can be smoothed with a combination of the two surgeries above.