Well-balanced Face Right of Passage for Having Eight-head-figure Facial Reduction Surgery

1. Surgery Time approx. 2 hours, 2. Anesthesia Method general anesthesia, 3. Hospital Treatment 1 day, 4. Removal of Sutures in 7 days, 5. Outpatient Treatment approx. 2~3 times , 6. Recovery Process normal activities in a week

Facial Reduction Surgery?

Those with a very large face naturally have a large head. However, mostly the long mid-face (between eyebrows and below the nose) and lower face (between below the nose and the chin) make the face look large. A long and protruded upper and lower jaw or a wide chin or protruded cheekbones are also causes of a face looking large in many cases. Dream Plastic Surgery's facial reduction surgery provides a precise measurement of your face using our 3D- CT and the surgery is effectively performed considering each individual after closely analyzing the area that needs to be corrected. Complicated problems in a face like a cheekbones-related issue, a square chin, a pointed chin, protruded lips, etc. are effectively corrected with one surgery considering the overall facial harmony like a harmony with other features and an overall facial contour.

Symptom: Wide Square Chin + Pointed Chin
Surgery: Berry-line & Mandibular Surgery + Double-jaw Surgery

Effect of Facial Reduction Surgery?

Attractive Impression, Balanced Beauty, Elegant Air, Golden Ratio (face/body)

Surgical Planning

Diagnosis & Analysis of Face with Digital X-ray & 3D- CT > A Prediction of Post-operative Outcome by Computer Simulation > Face Prediction after Personally Tailored Surgery

Patients for Surgery

Patients for Surgery
  • The distance between below the nose and the chin is the longest in the ratio of a face.
  • The face looks long while the chin looks short.
  • The face looks long and chin looks protruded.
  • When the mouth is relaxed, many of the front teeth appear. when smiling, much part of the gum appears.

Surgery Features


  • The reason why a face looks large is often because of imbalance between the two jaws, protruded cheekbones, a square chin, a pointed chin, protruded lips, etc. Dream Plastic Surgery performs 'All-In-One' surgery to solve all of these complicated issues with one surgery.

Digital 3D CT Measurement & Analysis

  • An in-depth and close analysis of the overall face is needed to decrease the size of the face. Dream Plastic Surgery accurately measures the facial state of a patient with a digital X-ray, and designs the best post-operative face shape that suits the patient by a computer simulation analysis.

Cutting-edge Surgical Equipment Use

  • Dream Plastic Surgery performs surgeries safely and accurately with cutting-edge surgical equipment (Bone Scalpel, Rasp, Burr, etc.). As a result, operation time can be shortened and side effects can be reduced.
Notices Before Surgery
  • A surgery named a facial reduction surgery does not exist. What is important is to select appropriate surgery methods among cheekbone reduction, lower jaw reduction, double-jaw surgery, etc. according to the cause of the large-looking face and receive them complexly, simultaneously, and in a balanced way.
  • If necessary, a surgery for reducing adjacent soft tissue is performed simultaneously.

All-in-One Facial Reduction Surgery?

All-in-One Facial Reduction Surgery removes worries about a large face in no time by performing several surgeries needed for creating a small and pretty face simultaneously.
tFacial Contouring Center of Dream Plastic Surgery precisely measures and diagnoses the face with a digital X-ray and digital 3D CT and designs the most ideal face contour that suits each individual by a computer simulation. Cheekbones, a square chin, a pointed chin, a long face, and protruded lips are corrected effectively with one surgery by an accurate diagnosis considering the overall ratio and balance of the face.