Accurate & Precise Design Tidy Customized Line Finding the Right Position of Upper & Lower Chin Dream Double-jaw Surgery

1. Surgery Time 2 hours, 2. Anesthesia Method general a nesthesia, 3. Hospital Treatment 3 day, 4. Removal of Sutures in 2 weeks, 5. Outpatient Treatment aapprox. 5 times, 6. Recovery Process normal activities in 2 weeks

Dream Double-jaw Surgery?

Double-jaw Surgery creates the right chin contour by changing the position or shape of the upper chin (maxillary) and lower chin (mandible) ideally. Orthodontics is also often performed to correct the jagged jawbone or teeth. After the surgery for the jagged jawbone or teeth, chewing or breathing could become easier.
As imbalanced chins vary in types and symptoms depending on the person, application in Double-jaw Surgery also should be different depending on the symptom. That's why selecting a well-informed and experienced specialist is important in Double-jaw Surgery. Kim Young Joon, head specializing in Double-jaw Surgery at Facial Contouring Center of Dream Plastic Surgery, uses his about 20 years of experience with Double-jaw Surgery when performing the surgeries with the consideration of each face type and symptom.

Dream Double-jaw Surgery?

Effect of Dream Double-jaw Surgery?

Harmonious Face Contour, Correcting Malocclusion, Possibilities of Improving Temporomandibular Disorder & Pronunciation, Chin Balance

Patients for Surgery

동안효과, 세련된 인상, 입체전인미(美) 부각, 작고 갸름해진 얼굴
  • Those with a very pointed chin.
  • Those having imbalance between the chin and malocclusion.
  • Those with an asymmetric face. (different left and right side)
  • Those having severely exposed gums.
  • Those with a too long or wide face.
  • Those with a low-centered face.
  • Those with a protruded upper and lower chin.
  • Those with some space between the upper and lower teeth even with closed mouth.
  • Those with several of the symptoms above.

Surgery Features

First, Surgery. Second, Orthodontics.

  • Dream Double-jaw Surgery does not need a pre-surgery orthodontics. Without a period of orthodontic treatment before the surgery, the treatment duration can be shortened (about a year). And the chin is less pointed and the lips are less protruded during a period of orthodontic treatment.

Internal Fixation Surgery

  • Before the Dream Double-jaw Surgery, the upper and lower jaw are firmly fixed internally, so that the intermaxillary fixation (tying the upper and lower teeth together) is needless. So you can move your chin freely, which means that you can open your mouth sooner and breathe comfortably.

3D Diagnosis

  • Dream Double-jaw Surgery is performed with high tech analysis equipment to design a customized face contour by precisely measuring and analyzing a face. A long-term clinical experience made the diagnostic method scientific, hence the diagnosis is very accurate and patients are highly satisfied.

Cooperation with Dream Dental Clinic on Diagnosis

  • The communication about the state of patients is effective as the dentist and plastic surgery clinic are in the same building. The dentist and plastic surgery clinic each diagnose the state of a patient accurately, helping a successful surgery.

Cooperation with Dream Skin Clinic on After Surgery Care

  • Dream's post-surgery care system is effective for reducing aftereffects of the Double-jaw Surgery. Its up-to-date equipment can help reduce the pain in the surgical area, rapidly remove swelling ,bruising and helps quickly in the reproduction of new skin.
Accurate Measurement & Analysis with High Tech Devices + Customized & Optimized Surgery = Maximization of Effect of Beauty Care by Long-term Clinical Experience & Data Accumulation
Notices Before Double-jaw Surgery
  • Both the surgery and square chin reduction can be performed simultaneously without additional costs.
  • Both the surgery and cheekbone reduction can be performed simultaneously.
  • A temporomandibular disorder can be improved after the surgery (at least it rarely becomes worse.). Afterwards the symptom may needs to be treated by a temporomandibular specialist consistently.

Surgery Method

Step 1. X-ray, Inside-the-mouth Photo, Step 2. Prediction of Post-operation Appearance with Digital 3D CT, Step 3. Dentist & Plastic Surgery Counseling, Step 4. Close Analysis of Surgical Method, Step 5. Dental Model Production, Step 6.Jawbone Inciding & Shifting, Step 7. Fixing Teeth & Chin Internally, 8. Orthodontics After Dental Surgery