Nose Re-operation

Surgery Information

There are several reasons for Nose Re-operation. People who had surgery from another hospital before tend to have a variety of shapes of the external and internal state of their noses. Compared to the primary operation, a re-operation has many unpredictable parts. The reason of nose re-operation is largely divided into two parts: 1) Functional reasons of exposed prostheses or infection, and 2) Reasons associated with the shape. In nose re-operation, scar tissue, degree of preservation, or skin conditions are important key factors. In addition, the nose re-operation is possible around six months after the first operation so that the wound has recovered to some extent over a sufficient period. The direction of operation is then determined depending on the patient’s ideal nose and condition of his/her current nose.

Surgery method

In some cases, the nose re-operation requires open-nose surgery, but most of the nose re-operation cases are possible with only non-open surgery. Nose re-operation is not necessarily complex but simple. Nose re-operation involves the process of arranging the traces of previous surgery such as the cartilage that is inserted in the tip or bridge of nose, besides the inserted prostheses. Furthermore, more skill and knowledge is required with regards to the rearrangement of new prostheses and the nose tip cartilage. Therefore, it is very important to have an operation from experienced surgeons who have a solid foundation.

Recovery period

Many people think that nose re-operation takes longer than the initial operation, but actually, the recovery period for nose re-operation does not take too long. The threads are removed in 6~7 days after surgery like the initial surgery and the degree of acute swelling is minimized. However, in some cases, the duration of swelling sometimes takes longer than the initial surgery.

  • Dream Medical Group, which has vast experience in nose re-operation surgery, gives patients confidence in understanding of the surgery result. If you are serious about having nose re-operation, try to visit the hospital in person rather than having an on-line visit. In addition, a detailed description will be given in accordance with expectations for surgery.