Plastic Surgery Trend

No to “Gangnam Beauties”, Yes to plastic surgery


Recently, a TV program conducted a survey of men who were asked to choose between a pretty woman who has had plastic surgery and a plain woman who has not had plastic surgery as their ideal marriage partner. 55.4% chose the surgically enhanced beauty, with 71.3% of men in their 30s-the age when most men get married, choosing the former. This shows how men’s attitudes toward plastic surgery have changed.

With the popularization of plastic surgery, more men are saying that they don’t mind if their partners have had plastic surgery as long as they are beautiful. However, there are some who refer to surgically enhanced women derogatively as “Gangnam beauties.”

 “Gangnam beauties” are characterized by thick double eyelid lines, unnatural love bands, sharp noses, pointed chins as well as rounded cheeks and foreheads. Many people view them negatively, not just because they have had plastic surgery, but because of distaste for faces that look the same.

Doctor Park Yang-soo of Dream Plastic Surgery says that standards of beauty have been set to westernized features, thus the features that people want tend to be similar.” He added, “Even if they have perfect features, if everyone ends up looking alike, it is a turnoff rather than an enhancement.”

Recently, the trend has been shifting towards unique faces that show off a person’s individuality. Female celebrities without double eyelids such as Kim Yuna, Baek Jin-hui and Park Bo-young have been rising in popularity, resulting in more women getting median and lateral canthoplasties without double eyelid surgeries to create a more sophisticated looking eyes while retaining their Asian features.

This is a far cry from the trend of the past which favored clearly visible double eyelids and large eyes. The same applies to rhinoplasty. While people used to want sharper and higher noses, trends have been changing to favor noses of natural height and shape which are well harmonized with the overall features of

According to Doctor Park, “Although negative attitudes toward plastic surgery have decreased substantially, most men still prefer natural looking features that preserve the charm of the individual.” He added, “You can perform the same procedures on the eyes and nose, what makes the difference is how much the surgeries serve to enhance the strengths of your existing features to bring about the greatest improvement.”

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