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[Dr. Kim’s Plastic Surgery Column] Rumors and Truth about Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Celebrity plastic surgery is a perennial favorite topic on mass media, reflecting the great level on interest in how stars tweak and change the way they look. Ordinary people often refer to celebrities when they come in for consultations as well. The questions range from asking if they would look like a certain celebrity after the surgery, confirming rumors about a celebrity getting certain procedures done, or whether only the top nurses are called when performing plastic surgery for celebrities.

As a surgeon with nearly twenty years of experience in sculpting beauty with the scalpel, I have been asked numerous questions about the difference between plastic surgery for celebrities and ordinary people. In this column, I explain the differences between plastic surgery for celebrities, aspiring stars and ordinary clients to aid the readers’ understanding.

The first is whether celebrities get discounts. I have heard of cases in which celebrities are given huge discounts or even free procedures for PR and marketing purposes depending on the clinic. Some clinics even pay large sums of endorsement fees to use celebrities as their models. In such cases, they have to allow the clinic to post before and after pictures on their website, and post content on online portals, blogs and communities. They have to play a role in promoting the clinic for the services they have received. In this world, everything comes with a price tag.

I personally charge the same amount for celebrities and ordinary patients. In fact, the larger entertainment companies are willing to pay full price for the surgeries, in exchange for a non-disclosure promise. I think they believe that the cost of the public learning about their surgeries would be greater than the savings from discounted procedures.

There are rumors on the internet that some clinics charge more for celebrities, but that is probably not the case. The celebrities still have more decision making power in choosing the clinic.


Another interesting fact is how the level of fame changes the extent of the procedures that celebrities opt for. Aspiring celebrities who are not famous yet choose procedures with the most dramatic effect. For them, plastic surgery is a way to get a competitive edge above the rest in an industry where appearances decide one’s position.

It is a completely different story for A-list celebrities. They want to change slightly, in ways that are not too obvious. Also, perhaps because the longer their hiatus, the greater the impact on their income, they request procedures with the least downtime possible. Thus they opt for slight procedures using botox and fillers rather than surgeries. Even when they look different after surgeries or procedures, they deny ever having done anything. Even though there is much less stigma attached to plastic surgery than before, natural beauty is still considered more desirable than man-made beauty.

There is one request that everyone makes, whether they are celebrities or ordinary people. That is to make it “natural.” After making all kinds of specific requests for their eyes, nose and chins etc. but right before stepping into the operating theatre, they add, “one last thing, Doctor. I want it to look natural.”

Finally, we have to talk about surgical results. There is a rumor that better surgeons and nurses are assigned to perform surgeries for celebrities, while the less experienced surgeons are assigned to ordinary people, making it more probable for the former to get better results. This is nothing more than a rumor. In fact the results of surgery are similar for celebrities and ordinary people. However, celebrities and aspiring stars do tend to look better after their surgeries. This is because they go into the operating room with fairer and thinner skin as well as better looking features than the average person.

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